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A Brilliant Result For Dipna

19 Jul 2013     0 Comment(s)

Congratulations are in order for Hospitality student Dipna Anand, whose family own the famous Brilliant Restaurant in Southall, for achieving a 1:1 pass in her BA (Hons) Hospitality management.

During the course of her studies, Dipna put her scientific knowledge to the test by re-inventing Indian recipes with reduced fat and cholesterol to tackle the high instances of coronary heart disease in the UK’s Indian population (including Hindhu Punjabis, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis).

Dipna began her quest to produce healthier Indian food after her father suffered a heart attack a few years ago. She has been experimenting using the kitchens at her father’s business, the Brilliant Restaurant in Southall. She explains:

“Indian cooking in the UK uses a lot of meat, butter and ghee. In some recipes, I substitute meat with soya or use vegetables instead. Certain breads are cooked on the griddle, and are normally coated in ghee. Instead, I spray oil on the griddle surface, which really reduces the calories and fat involved.

“Often low fat Indian meals in supermarkets are tasteless and bland, but I have experimented extensively with the right combinations of spices to make my food taste like the real thing. Spices are important not only for taste, but have health benefits too. For example, cumin is known to have heart healing properties.

“There is obviously a demand for food like this, as I have been approached by a publisher to turn my recipes into a book.”

This is no flash in the pan – Dipna’s ingenuity and knowledge about food has long been acknowledged. She came top in the whole of the UK for her A-level Food Technology project on low-fat Indian cooking, which was awarded 100 percent. The project focussed on low-fat Indian cookery, and she performed a nutritional analysis of her recipe inventions and demonstrated how they could be produced on a large-scale.

Since this triumph and during the course of her degree, Dipna has invented almost 100 recipes. Her very proud family are putting her talents to good use, having appointed Dipna Assistant Manager at the 250-seater Brilliant Restaurant some time ago and the menu has been transformed to include a large selection of her Healthier Eating options.

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