Dipna Anand

Dipna Anand is a British-Indian celebrity chef who grew up in London in a family of chefs. She fell in love with cooking when she was very young. Dipna learned a lot about this craft with her father, Gulu, who actually brought her to their famous restaurant, Brilliant, which she co-owns to this day. She learned numerous cooking tricks from her mother as well, who is also a kitchen master.

Ever since she was 18, Dipna has been passionate about cooking, and it was one of the integral parts of her life. To get this passion to the next level, she gained a first-class honors degree in Hospitality and Catering from the University of West London, where she earned a post-graduate scholarship.

Through this scholarship, she started teaching Indian cuisine, and soon after that, she started lecturing in Catering and Hospitality. Dipna devotes a lot of her time to passing her knowledge and expertise, which was one of the biggest reasons she opened her own Cookery School at The Brilliant Restaurant.

Not only that she passes her cooking skills to new students, but she also wrote a book titled “Beyond Brilliant” in July 2014. It features over fifty recipes, including her award-winning healthy recipes, and tells a story about her family and the history of Brilliant restaurant. The book also discusses Dipna’s culinary journey and the legacy she leaves with her broad cooking knowledge.

Dipna is a demo chef and absolutely loves to engage with the audience to prove to them that Indian food is very simple to prepare and that it can be healthy and tasty at the same time if you wish it to be. She participated in numerous demos at universities, colleges, exhibitions, and festivals. Among her various activities, she has also worked on TV in Raymond Blancs 10 week, The Restaurant, You’ve Fried series, Ramsay’s cook-along, Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, and The Hotel for Channel 4.

Dipna’s cooking career brought her recognitions and awards, such as Personality of the Year in 2012 at The British Curry Awards, where David Cameron announced her and congratulated her on success as a female chef in the hospitality field.

In December 2016, Dipna continued to pile up successes and appeared on TV, where her new lifestyle cookery show “Dip in KItchen” launched first. It was a 10-week show that portrayed her love and passion for the Indian kitchen and displayed Dipna’s authentic and signature recipes.

Anand has been happily married since June 27th, 2016, when she wedded her husband, Arjun Lakhanpal. To this day, she remains passionate about cooking and educating others in this very special craft. Her cooking is exceptional because she successfully experiments with flavors and pairs ingredients just right. She claims that the trick is about making everything work together and enjoying the experience of creating innovative dishes, which her cuisine certainly reflects.