In 2010 Kewal retired and Gulu continued running the Brilliant alongside his children Dipna and Shanker who are truly devoted to running what their father calls his ship, steering in the right direction and taken the restaurant to further superior heights.
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About Dipna

Chef Dipna She’s a woman on a mission – a mission to prove that Indian food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. And if anyone can succeed in this mission, it’s Dipna Anand…

As the third generation of a family of chefs, Dipna has cooking in her blood. For almost 40 years, her family’s restaurant, the Brilliant, has served traditional Punjabi cuisine of the highest order, praised by everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Prince Charles.
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Healthy Food Tips

If you have kidney problems:

Drink more water and eat more whole grain cereals for magnesium. Cut down on meat, fish and dairy produce. Avoid salt, sugar and alcohol.

How to lower cholesterol?

Firstly it is important to understand that there are two types of cholesterol (which people often confuse). One is found in food and the other is made in the body as its needed for metabolism. Both ar…

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Alu Phal Chaat

Chaat is a North Indian word which describes a savoury snack typically …

Mini Gulab Jamun Skewers

A traditional north Indian dessert of spongy milk cardamom-infused dump…

Beyond Brilliant Book

Beyond Brillian

This book contains over 40 fabulous recipes from the kitchens of The Brilliant Restaurant.